Getting to know you…

Our Nadine Pluzak has been busy getting to know the community players in and around Slocan Park.

On Feb. 26 she met with Andrea Berneckas, the community connections coordinator for the Collingwood Neighbourhood House at our Slocan field house.

It was an exciting meeting. Andrea told Nadine a lot about the community, and all the diversity and great programs at the Neighborhood House.

The Neighborhood House is also compiling a list of artists who live in the area that we can approach for partnerships. Already there are over 200!

The Storytelling Society has also approached Athena Arts program at Windermere Secondary School about working together with some of their students.  The Italian Cultural Center is doing lots of outreach to connect with organizations in the area as well. And Nadine discovered an up and coming artist space happening called VIVO. Its a potential place to collaborate with.

There was also a lot of talk around the Collingwood Days May 22-31. We’d love to have some tellers there and introduce ourselves to the community.

Both Nadine and Andrea left with big smiles on their faces and hearts swelling with potential.

As for our little home itself, renovations are coming along and the place is looking really nice with fresh paint and new light fixtures. We’re hoping to get a garden growing outside now that spring is here.



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