After wonderfully collaborating with Carmen Rosen and the Still Moon Arts Collective in the Renfrew-Collingwood neighborhood. The VSOS is so excited to invite you all to the Renfrew Ravine Lantern Fest where the Storytellers will have a Lantern Installation.

Lots of work has gone into this event. One of the highlights was the two lantern making workshops with the VSOS.

Come on down to be warmed and inspired.


Storytelling Lantern Making Workshop #1

The ‘Storytelling Lantern Making Workshop’ Tonight was great.

Thank you to the wonderful participants who glued and pasted such beautiful lanterns to be used for the Sat Sept 26th Lantern Fest in the Renfrew Ravine.

Lantern Workshop tomorrow evening, 6-9 at Slocan Hall, directly beside the field house.

Stories in need of Tellers!

There are some exciting Storytelling events coming up this fall.

There are Stories in need of Tellers.

Do you enjoy hearing Stories?

If so come and explore the world of telling.

Contact Nadine or the VSOS FB page or stop by the Slocan Field House on Wednesdays @ 6p.m. to begin exploration into the world of Story.

Stories of Witches, Wise Women, Death, Healing, Hope, Finding Peace, Seeds, Land, Gardens, Food………are all looking for a keeper.


The VSOS at the Field House is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Italian Cultural center. For Perfomigrations.

Wed Aug 19 and 26th will be a time to come and explore and share personal and generational stories of migration.

“Partners at the Italian Cultural centre will work in synergy with a series of local and national institutions, including the Chinatown Cultural Centre, ICAP – Italian Canadian Archives Project, First Nations Youth Artists and VIVO MediaArts, to design exhibitions on various community histories, film screenings, and conferences.

In Vancouver, artists Juliana Saragosa will present her project Italian-Canadian Queers Chat in East Van, a video bringing different perspectives on the multi-generational effects of uprooting, presented through a multi-genre collage of video, old photos and voice-over.” (performigrations website)

Storytelling Circles Every Wed 6-9 at the FieldHouse

Every Wed from 6-9 Nadine will be at the field house hosting a free storytelling drop-in.

Come to listen to stories,
Come to share stories,
no experience necessary,
just a love of storytelling.

It can be fairy tales, folk tales, legends, myths,
and last but not least PERSONAL Stories.

Fascilitated by Nadine Pluzak B.Ed. B.A.

Possible Themes to explore:
Wise Women, Witches, Wizards, Wisdom Tales, Animal Transformion Stories, Land, Creation and World Stories.
Stories of growing up, ancestral migration stories, stories of our grandmothers and grandfathers.


We had the AGM back in March.

The VSOS welcomed a wonderful new Board. More to come about that…………

Things have been slow during the summer. Everyone is out having fun.

Many meetings have been had and collaborations starting to concoct.

The Garden is growing and looking good.