The result of over a year of community engagement, the ELEMENTAL bike/bus tour was integral to the 19th Vancouver Int’l Storytelling Festival.

dragon marks the spot
dragon marks the spot


Festival goers were invited to meet at 11:00 at the dragon in the zodiac wheel found on the plaza in front of the Sun Yat-Sen garden. After receiving their map and meeting their guides, participants began the ELEMENTAL tour of 5 of Vancouver’s parks. This free tour showcased the results of over a year of community engagement through the ELEMENTAL initiative.

The first stop was Crab Park. A 7ft storytelling kite flew as audience members heard Sam Bob tell the story of the West Wind, a powerful mythic character. Then, an icy storybook with hand made paper was unveiled on the False Creek Flats. The way then led uphill to Robson Park where a cob bench served as a “listening station” from which to hear Wendy Charbonneau tell the story of the Two Sisters Mountains. Next was South Vancouver for 4 p.m. refreshments where a children’s storytelling ensemble provided fiery entertainment in the Moberly herb garden, touching on notions of Food Security.

The end of the tour was a 7 p.m. reception on the grounds of Hycroft, where the University Women’s Club (UWC) set the scene for stories of indigenous wisdom and philanthropy.  The City Studio Long Table served as focal point for the community celebration and dialogue.

All food was carefully prepared in Brenda Koch’s “Love’s Kitchen” with ingredients sourced at local urban farms and businesses including: SoleFood Farms, Young Agrarians, Metro Vancouver City Farms, Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Rocky Mountain Flatbread, Southlands Heritage Farm, Slow Food Vancouver, Eternal Abundance, Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society, Brewery Creek Community Garden, Golden Ears Cheeseworks, Martin’s Marvelous









Thank you to those people who put in so many hours planning, trouble shooting and facilitating this experience. In particular we would like to thank Godfrey Levy, Sara Ross and Donna Chen.

In-kind donations of infrastucture were made by: In The House Festival, Vancouver Renewable Energy Cooperative, UBC Bike Coop and George Rahi.

Site Management was by: Tim Furness, Ari Lazer and Rob Telford.

Funders  for the ELEMENTAL bus/bike tour were: